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The Heart’s Captivation and Imprisonment by Sin

From Al-Jawab al-Kafi

By Imam Ibn al-Qayyim

“And among its effects is that the disobedient one is constantly in the shackles of his shaytan and the prison of his shahwa (desires) and the chains of his hawa (whims). So he is a captive, one who is imprisoned and who is tied up.

There is no captive in a worse state than the one who is captivated by his worst enemy and there is no prison which is tighter than the prison of hawa and there is no bond/fetter more strong than the bond of desire.

How, then, will a heart which is captivated, imprisoned and fettered travel unto Allaah and the Home of the Hereafter. How will a person take a single step forward when the heart is bound and harmful things approach it from every direction. The harmful things approach it to the extent that it is tied up [i.e. imprisoned by its desires and whims].
The example of the heart is like the example of a bird. Every time is ascends it becomes distant from the harmful things and every time it descends the harmful things hurt it…The basis of all of this is is that every time the heart is distant from Allah, the harmful things are quick in approaching it; and every time it is close to Allah, the harmful things become distant from it.

Remoteness from Allah has degrees, some of which are more severe than others. Heedlesness distances the servant from Allah, and some acts of disobedience are greater than some acts of heedlesness. Some innovations are greater than some acts of disobedience, and some acts of hypocrisy and shirk are greater than all of what has preceded.”

– Translated by Abu Iyaad.


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